Patient FAQ

Why Physicians Rx Pharmacy (“PRxP”)?

Physicians Rx Pharmacy (“PrxP”) fills prescriptions for complex, higher-cost drugs as well as offers retail pharmacy services. PRxP works with your doctor and your health insurance company to ensure that you have access to the right drug and that it is covered by your insurance if possible. We can even find out if financial assistance is available that can reduce your costs for the medications.

How can I get more medication?

Our Pharmacy will contact you a few days before your medication runs out to set up a new delivery.

What if my medication refills run out?

Our pharmacist will contact your provider to request more refills. If we cannot reach your doctor, our staff will call you.

How will I know if my drugs are covered by insurance?

Physicians Rx Pharmacy (“PRxP”) will coordinate with your provider and your insurance company. Many specialty drugs require prior authorization which means that the insurance company needs documentation before they will cover a higher cost drug. PRxP will notify you as soon as possible about the results of this process.

What support will Physicians Rx Pharmacy offer me?

  • Monthly wellness check with a review of any questions or concerns you may have about your medication
  • Refill Reminders
  • Available pharmacists to speak with you